Tips for Hiring Developers

15 Aug

Recruiting developers is an involving task as you must conduct a background check to determine the competence of the experts. Use both the internet and references to find the needed information to make a sound decision. This article highlights the steps you should follow when hiring developers like the Codev.

Start by structuring the interview produce if you want to find a recruit. Identify if the meeting concentrates on skills or culture fit for the new occupation. Prepare questions to make sure you maintain uniformity when questioning the candidates. Use the scorecards to assess and categorize applicants. Stick to a structured approach when recruiting to help candidates understand what to expect and know your procedures.

Make use of work sample tests rather than the coding challenge. If you are dealing with professionals, who have no interest to take the coding test, consider coming up with a work sample examination. Remove some codes on your application and ask the applicants to work on the test. The approach enables the candidates to learn about your commodities. Do not send any test before talking to the developers as they would prefer first to know you for them to invest their time in the task.

Make sure that you share feedback on time. The interviewed candidates ought to receive a clear and structured response to their performance during the coding challenge and interview. They use the feedback to improve their interview skills in the future. The essential thing is sending the response within the agreed period. Notify the candidate if you are unable to send feedback on time.

Focus your efforts on potential and not experience. Bear in mind that every applicant has a weakness. The interview process must focus on the strengths and abilities of the professionals like the Codev Developers. Ask them about their past projects to learn about their services to spot intelligent people.

Speed is critical if you are looking for senior developers. Such professionals are not only looking for a job vacancy in your company, as other entities are talking to them. You need to choose the right words to attract them to work for you. Make sure you take minimal time interviewing them.

The above procedure will guide you to hire affordable and skilled developers. Do not forget to involve non-tech members in your recruiting panel. These individuals will help in evaluating the suitable culture. Come up with a plan to support the needs of the new developers who are joining your company.

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